Kam Wilkinson

NeuroPhysics Therapist

After dealing with many physical and emotional injuries, Kam retired from professional rugby league in 2010. Kam was always looking deeper, trying to figure what was occurring in his system. He tried many different health modalities, training programs and eating plans but they never connected to the deeper regions of his system and only provided temporary relief.

Kam was introduced to NeuroPhysics Therapy in 2013 and has become a life-changing experience personally and professionally. It enabled him to correct his system physically and emotionally and gain control of his body/mind. This changed the direction of Kam’s life, and he is now in a privileged position to guide others through their own NeuroPhysics journey and teach them that they essentially can fix themselves and are in control. From sporting performance, stress management, anxiety, spinal cord injury and everything in between, Kam will help you understand how the human system can fix itself if given the right conditions.