Online Booking


Bookings for all services are now available online. Click the button above and select the appropriate appointment. If a suitable time is not available, please get in touch via email or phone.

Seminar Series

The six part Seminar Series is creating a great forum for members and non-members to learn more about NeuroPhysics Therapy and how to incorporate new practices and principles into their everyday life. The seminar’s are running once a month with a different topic across each of the six seminars. The seminar’s are free of charge and there is no prerequisite to attending. Members and non-members welcome. Bookings are now open for the next seminar on Ageing that will take place on Tuesday October 15th. Book online under the group session tab.

Seminar Dates: June 11, July 9, August 15, September 17, October 15, November 19.