Teneal Attard

Bachelor of Science (Exercise and Health)
NeuroPhysics Therapist
ASCA Level 1 Strength and Conditioning Coach

Teneal is the founder and director of Chaotic Energy and is passionate about helping people become a better, healthier version of themselves. Teneal’s vision for the centre is to create an inclusive, stress free and supportive community, committed to achieving physical and emotional optimisation.

Teneal is a two time Olympian, representing Australia in hockey and played 221 matches over a 12 year period. After years of managing injuries and looking for the missing link, Teneal believes she has found the answer in NeuroPhysics Therapy. Since retiring from Hockey, Teneal has taken up her childhood passion of cycling, and is racing competitively again. Using the tools she has gained through her own practice of NeuroPhysics, she is pushing the limits to see how far she can challenge her system and reach peak performance.

Teneal offers a range of services at Chaotic Energy, including one on one personal training, sports specific strength and conditioning sessions and specialises in NeuroPhysics Therapy.