An inclusive, stress free and supportive community, committed to achieving physical and emotional optimisation.

At Chaotic Energy we offer a range of one on one exercise and rehabilitation services including NeuroPhysics Therapy, Exercise Physiology, Strength and Conditioning and Personal Training sessions.

Gym Membership is also available.

Gym Membership

Chaotic Energy’s gym membership offers you a fresh approach to exercise, specialising in sports performance and rehabilitation. Personalised programs are designed to get the most out of you, maximising the results for every time you workout.

NeuroPhysics Therapy

NeuroPhysics Therapy is a specialised form of therapy that activates the nervous system to stimulate the brain and body to change bad habits and open lines of communications to allow the system to return to proper function.

Chaotic Energy Racing Team

Our vision transfers to the Chaotic Energy Racing Team and into the cycling world where we have created an inclusive, supportive community to encourage all to participate, compete and achieve their goals. 

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Contact Us

231 Bulwer Street, 
Highgate, Perth, WA 6000                            

Phone: 0410 759 231

Membership Access Hours 
Monday to Friday – 5am to 10pm
Saturday and Sunday – 7am to 7pm

Staffed Hours and One on One Sessions by Appointment
Monday and Friday – 6am to 7pm




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