About Us

At Chaotic Energy we offer a range of one on one exercise and rehabilitation services including NeuroPhysics Therapy, Strength and Conditioning and one on one personal training sessions. Gym membership is also available to make use of the state of the art facilities we have at the centre.

Teneal Attard is the founder and director of Chaotic Energy and is passionate about helping people become a better, healthier version of themselves. Find out more here.

Nicola Vrachnas has joined the team at Chaotic Energy offering one on one personal training sessions. Find out more here.


To inspire our clients, that mindful, structured and technically correct exercise recalibrates our nervous system to adapt and evolve. This relieves stress and disfunction from within the body leading to optimal physical and psychological function.


An inclusive, stress free and supportive community, committed to achieving physical and emotional optimisation.


    • Health & wellness – ability to achieve physically and emotionally. Living without pain, ailments and limitations.
    • Growth – having a growth mindset and giving the body the tools to continually adapt and evolve.
    • Community – creating an environment that is inclusive, friendly and without judgement.
    • Empowerment – giving you the tools/power to be a better version of yourself and not needing to rely on others.
    • Acceptance & Understanding – listen openly with compassion, and not be dismissive.
    • Integrity – always act with integrity, be open, honest and professional.